We do not inherit this land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
- Haida Indian saying
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Silva Energy
Renewable Energy

Silva Energy delivers renewable energy for both residences and businesses.  Focused on reliable as well as new and innovative energy-saving applications, we installed some of the first windmills on homes in Massachusetts. Our customers enjoy state of the art renewable energy products, including battery backup systems, which generate clean energy onsite.

Energy Savings

At Silva Energy, we pride ourselves in providing the very latest energy solutions. Whether it is wind power that captures the energy from air handlers or heat exchangers that decrease fuel consumption on boilers and furnaces, our customers are getting insightful and reliable improvements to their homes and business. These not only save energy and dollars, they can create clean energy. Better for your home, better for your business, better for us all!

Municipal Projects

Cities and towns have many opportunities to take advantage of their various public spaces and facilities for both energy savings as well as the development of renewable energy. Our knowledge, expertise and experience can assist in creating community solar gardens that enable citizens to reap the benefits of solar even if their homes are too shady or without sufficient roof space. Many landfills are the perfect spot for communities to install wind or solar power that can supply electricity for the town buildings and reduce energy costs.

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