We do not inherit this land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
- Haida Indian saying
Silva Energy
Community Commitment

Our commitment to the environment and energy ideals extends to our local and global communities through our volunteer work. We contribute time and funds to Sustainable Scituate, a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network. 

We collaborated with the Scituate Renewable Energy Committee resulting in the installation of a 1.5MW windmill to power half of Scituate’s municipal electric needs.  The Renewable Energy Committee went on to install a 3MW solar array on the Scituate landfill which produces the other half of Scituate’s municipal power requirements. These initiatives deliver all the energy for the town’s municipal electricity use.

As a partner in the US Virgin Islands efforts to reduce their 100% dependence on diesel fuel for their electricity production, we have joined the Energy Efficiency Working Group and the Renewable Energy Working Group. Silva Energy is assisting the launch of energy efficiency programs in the Virgin Islands, including future solar and wind power facilities.
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